Webinar October 5, 2017

Next Level
Mobile Banking

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Banks have approached the creation of mobile apps in one of two ways. Most banks and credit unions have simply created a custom mobile app that’s more or less isolated from other customer touchpoints – online banking, telephone banking or branch – in order to tick a box and get feature parity with their competitors.

More forward-looking institutions have taken a different approach. They have recognised that while mobile is the channel of the future, it still needs to be integrated with the other channels customers use. Rather than building a mobile app as a standalone service, they have implemented their mobile app with an omni-channel perspective and used a holistic digital banking platform that offers a more sustainable, more long-term approach to digitisation.

In this special, exclusive webinar, Jouk Pleiter and Tim Rutten of Backbase will share best practices in how banks and credit unions move their mobile banking experience to the next level.

Find out the 5 habits of highly effective bank transformation projects – how financials can execute and optimize a successful mobile banking strategy that is integrated with a wider multi-channel strategy.

Total duration: 60 minutes