Webinar November 20, 2014

Everyday Bank

A Journey to Digital Transformation

Accenture’s Senior Managing Director, Juan Pedro Moreno, shares his firm’s vision for banks in the digital age. During this free, one hour long webinar, Juan Pedro highlighted:

  • How customer behavior has shaped a digital revolution for banks,
  • How technology is blurring the boundaries that define customer service, and
  • What threats and opportunities this emerging digital landscape presents for banks.

Last but not least, he goes into the specific steps banks must take in order to become a successful Everyday Bank.

“Banks face a growing challenge from non-bank entities that are aggressively using digital innovations to take on functions traditionally part of banking. Think Amazon, which now offers loans to its merchants. Or the giant Alibaba, now the world’s largest payment provider. But banks have a huge competitive advantage in this digital world. With their vast digital data, payment know-how and deep understanding of compliance, security and financing, they are positioned to become an Everyday Bank, providing an unparalleled personalized customer experience that cannot be replicated by non-banks.”

— The Everyday Bank, Accenture.
Juan Pedro Moreno Backbase

As Senior Managing Director – Global Banking, Juan Pedro Moreno is responsible for the industry group’s overall vision and strategy. He has led large-scale transformation projects at banking and capital markets firms in Europe, North America, South America and Africa, with a special focus on trading architectures and central banks. Juan Pedro is an Eisenhower Fellow and has been responsible for some of Accenture’s largest banking client relationships since joining the firm in 1989.