Webinar January 28th, 2015

Regain Control of your Digital Banking Strategy

With Backbase’s Principal Fintech Strategist: Pete Chapman.

In this webinar, Pete Chapman, Principal Fintech Strategist at Backbase, and former banker (Pete worked for 10 years in banking, responsible for IT and Emerging Technologies), shareshis story and vision on the US banking market.

It’s no secret that banking today is at a significant crossroads. A number of converging external forces have combined to create a climate where consumers no longer have to turn to their local financial institution for traditional banking needs.

As financial institutions struggle to maintain their share of wallet, they routinely turn to large one-size-fits-all technology vendors that provide them with a one-size-fits-all solution. A solution that leaves the financial institution struggling to differentiate, compete, and truly control their most important customer channel: the digital channel.

Pete shares his personal experience as IT Director at a regional bank in overcoming these challenges and how he currently at Backbase helps other banks regain control over their digital strategy.