Webinar September 19, 2018

Banking 2025

How will banking be done in 2025?

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Banking products and services still matter, but without the right customer experience behind them, they won’t stay relevant for long. People are used to seamless customer journeys, delivered by smart digital platforms, and they expect the same in their financial lives. Banks, however, are struggling to compete – legacy systems are delaying digital transformations for 77% of them and stopping half of them from capitalising on digital opportunities. Agility and streamlined systems are crucial to delivering superb customer experiences, and a well-executed digital banking platform is the way to get there.

Four strategic pillars support this platform: omni-channel banking, open banking, modular architecture and smart banking. Each of these value drivers, implemented and orchestrated on a single digital platform, will create customer journeys that count. This is the key to survival in a market increasingly dominated by fintechs and big techs.

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