CheBanca! Mastering
the Digital Customer

Why the most innovative bank in
Italy has selected Backbase to
deliver their new omni-channel
digital banking experience.

CheBanca! was launched in 2008 as part of the Mediobanca Banking Group, which is one of the country’s major investment banks, as a next-generation multi-channel and digital bank. With an award-winning customer-centric service and product offering, CheBanca! already has more than 500,000 customers, more than €14bn in total assets, and is officially recognised as being the “Best Digital Bank” in Italy for customer satisfaction.

“When we met Backbase, I was really impressed by the company’s vision. This vision was very similar to what we wanted to provide for our customer – what kind of CRM; what kind of communication; what kind of management of the digital platform it can offer to the customer.”

says Antonio Fratta Pasini, Head of CRM and Omnichannel Banking at CheBanca!.


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