Sparebanken Sogn og Fjordane

Raising the bar on customer
experience in the Nordics

Sparebanken Sogn og Fjordane (SSF) is 175 years old, with total assets  of NOK 52 billion. The bank has 260 employees and 13 active branches.The quest for a new customer experience. Banking in the Nordics is characterized by having many small, wealthy banks with high asset values.

Despite the relative fragmentation in the industry, core system support for all banks comes from one national provider. Whilst this had served SSF for generations, that model did not fit their vision of reinventing the customer experience. The bank required unprecedented levels of flexibility to bring their online banking to a whole new level, so they needed full control of the core and digital channels. The bank wanted to free up vital aspects of their architecture in order to delight their customers

In partnership with Backbase, SSF has achieved an ambitious goal of becoming the first Norwegian bank to move away from a monopolistic provider of core banking support.

This move allowed the bank to take control of all aspects of their mobile banking app, thereby driving innovation and development. Find out how SSF transformed itself as an organization and become the leading example for customer experience in its region.

“Working with Backbase actually lead to changes in our organization. This went beyond screen changes, right through to the way we manage the organization. We never expected to find friends in a professional project. I would say this project changed the bank in many ways. We have developed a new understanding of handling customer-driven technology projects and now do these in a different way than we used to. We are now also applying the same principles to non tech projects.”

Falk Tewes, Head of Architecture and Innovation, SSF


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