Press Release, 30 May 2017

Backbase partners with eWise to enrich online banking platform

  • Jenny Maat
  • May 31, 2017

Backbase, the omni-channel digital banking platform leader, and eWise, the financial data aggregation specialist, have announced their partnership via the Backbase Open Banking Marketplace, an initiative that offers clients the option of selecting from numerous best-of-breed applications to integrate into the Backbase digital banking environment.

The eWise Aegis data aggregation platform is now available to integrate within the Backbase digital banking platform. The new integration will enrich digital banking experiences and help consumers and businesses get a full picture of their financial health.

Backbase delivers an API-driven architecture, enabling financial institutions to be ready for the future of banking. The Backbase digital banking platform ensures European Payment Service Directive 2 (PSD2) readiness in the digital channel by delivering the tools to accelerate PSD2 projects from the consumption side, such as delivering multi-bank account aggregation capabilities, to the API delivery side by delivering open APIs, with proper security controls.

The Open Banking Marketplace plays a significant role within Backbase open architecture strategy, as it integrates best-of-breed apps into the Backbase digital banking environment.

eWise is integrating its patented Aegis data aggregation platform into the Open Banking Marketplace, fulfilling Backbase’s vision to provide a truly comprehensive digital banking experience to end-users. The Aegis platform allows consumers to aggregate, manage and share their financial accounts from multiple institutions. Consumers can access all their bank accounts, investments, pension funds, utility providers, credit cards and loyalty programs on one screen.

The eWise Aegis platform gives developers the tools to connect to all of their users’ bank accounts simply, and is designed to be fully compliant with PSD2 regulatory requirements. Aegis is a hub for financial data aggregation that can be quickly integrated within the existing Backbase banking platform.

Transition to PSD2 and open banking

Considering the scope of PSD2 XS2A and its projected implementation timetable, along with its specification principles, it’s apparent that XS2A only offers access to payment accounts, namely end-users’ basic current account and credit card. With the average consumer and small business customer possessing a broad range of financial services products, including current accounts, credit cards, personal loans, leases, insurance, ISAs and various other investment and credit accounts, the scope of the PSD2 XS2A initiative may leave some users feeling underwhelmed when it comes to providing them with innovative, convenient and value-added services driven by a truly comprehensive picture of their financial relationships.

David Hamilton, CEO of eWise, said: “Through integrating the eWise Aegis platform into the Open Banking Marketplace, we can further help financial institutions to transition to PSD2 and open banking, and manage multiple financial data channels: Direct & In-Direct channels. Direct Channel API will be provided by financial institutions according to PSD2 and aggregates payment account data, whereas In-Direct Channel aggregates only out-of-scope accounts to complete the picture, such as investment accounts. The eWise Aegis platform offers a global approach to easily connect all of the users’ accounts.”

“By adding eWise Aegis platform to our Open Banking Marketplace, we are able to offer European, Asian and Australian financial institutions a powerful account aggregation solution to upgrade their digital banking platform,” said Jouk Pleiter, CEO and co-founder of Backbase.

About eWise

A leading international provider of Financial Data Aggregation API and Money Management
solutions. eWise has delivered award winning solutions to many of the world’s most innovative financial services brands including Retail Banks such as HSBC and Westpac, and to wealth management firms and fintech companies. Founded in 2000 and headquartered in Switzerland, eWise has operations in Europe, Asia and Australia. eWise holds patents in the United States, the Asia-Pacific and Europe.

For more information on eWise, follow @ewise_solutions


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