Press Release, 2 August 2011

Backbase Forms 5.0 brings control back to e-business

  • Jenny Maat
  • August 2, 2011

Backbase, the Bank 2.0 Portal specialist, today announced the completion of its Bank 2.0 Portal Suite with the release of Backbase Forms 5.0. Backbase Forms allows companies to streamline their online customer dialogs and provides more control to e-business managers to manage online self-service and customer enrollments processes.

Online forms, and the logic and processes behind them, are a key component for a streamlined customer journey. “Poor online forms solutions cause customers to abandon sales or self-service opportunities and block the true potential of a company’s online customer interaction initiatives,” said Jouk Pleiter, Backbase CEO. “Backbase has created the most reliable, business-driven and easy-to-use forms product.”

Backbase Forms 5.0, now brings a number of key benefits and functionalities to users:

  • Control: Backbase drastically reduces IT-dependency for e-business professionals. In many financial services organizations, e-business teams have to relinquish control over their online forms and processes to developers. With Backbase Forms, non-technical business analysts can work in an easy-to-use environment, to create, manage and optimize their forms (and the underlying logic and processes). At the same time, IT developers can focus on creating reusable web services and generic application logic. Backbase Forms enables a very efficient collaboration model between IT developers and their e-business counterparts, and it gives companies the confidence and ability to launch fast and optimize quickly.
  • Reuse and Consistency: A key benefit of Backbase Forms is its model for reuse and consistency. Most organizations have scattered forms, business rules and process definitions across different applications, product groups or business units, which often makes it necessary to recreate even basic customer details. With Backbase Forms you can manage all your online dialog building blocks in one place, and re-use these assets across the enterprise.
  • Cross-Channel Forms: Backbase Forms makes it possible to distinguish between the presentation and contents / logic of a web form. Backbase Forms makes it possible to (re)use forms assets across a variety of channels each with a different look-and-feel and with different business rules and conditions. The built-in business process engine makes it possible to orchestrate cross-channel customer journeys.
  • Forms Studio: Offers an advanced browser-based forms & process design environment, where business analysts can create the underlying forms model, with entities, relations and attributes, the underlying business process and the related user interactions with dialogues, dynamic questionnaires and work-lists. All these assets and processes are now managed in a single location and can be published directly to various staging and/or live production environments.

Backbase Forms is available as an add-on module within the Backbase Portal Suite, or sold separately on a standalone basis.

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