Press Release, 14 June 2011

Backbase customer VLC goes live

  • Jenny Maat
  • June 14, 2011

Dutch insurance broker Van Lanschot Chabot chose Backbase’s technology to help it update its internet portal. The result, which recently went live, is called ‘MijnChabot’, an innovative online platform where customers can manage their accounts.

Van Lanschot Chabot (VLC) decided it was time to move its offline customer interactions online and came to Backbase. VLC, one of the biggest insurance intermediaries in the Netherlands for entrepreneurs and individuals, needed an update worthy of its rich history and reputation for superior customer service. VLC found what it was looking for with Backbase’s technology. The result was called ‘MijnChabot’, an innovative online platform where customers can manage their accounts.

“Backbase has a customer-focused vision in contrast to most other suppliers that take technology as their starting point. Because of this market-oriented approach their solution is most suitable for both our clients and our prospects,” said Richard Schoones, a director at VLC who was closely involved with the project.

In 2009 VLC asked Backbase to help provide new Web functionalities and move its offline customer contact online, so that it could improve online sales and lower support costs.

“After an extensive selection procedure we chose Backbase. Not only can we now offer a more personalized experience to our customers with layout and content, but Backbase’s innovative interface and easy placement of third-party widgets has given us the kind of pull-based marketing capabilities we were also looking to provide,” said Schoones.

Commenting on the launch Backbase’s Head of Marketing, Jelmer de Jong, said: “VLC has a long tradition in the Netherlands and we knew we had to help them live up to this rich history of serving customers with our new technology. Our customer-facing ‘outside-in’ approach was ideally suited for serving this purpose.”

Backbase is now further involved with helping VLC by providing an online Forms solution.

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