Press Release, 22 October 2014

PostFinance goes live with new digital banking platform powered by Backbase

  • Jenny Maat
  • October 22, 2014

Backbase, the omni-channel digital banking specialist, announced today that their client, PostFinance, has successfully launched their new online banking platform based on Backbase technology. PostFinance is one of the largest banks in Switzerland and is recognized as the most innovative and dedicated to providing a superior customer experience.

Backbase has been the Bank’s trusted technology provider since 2013. This weeks successful launch marks the completion of the second phase of PostFinance’s digital transformation. The bank’s completely reworked e-finance environment offers customers a streamlined, modern user interface across all devices and gives them complete control over their personal finances. The tile-based overview allows them to carry out tasks directly in the homepage, and arrange it to suit their needs. The new E-Cockpit, an interactive digital banking environment available to all e-finance users, provides customers with easy-to-understand, visually mapped overviews of their finances.

“I am delighted with the successful implementation of the second phase of PostFinance’s new digital banking platform. PostFinance clearly has a strong, innovative vision of digital banking and are dedicated to providing their customers with a superior experience on every device, any where, and any time. I’m very proud that Backbase was able to help them deliver on their vision and their promise to their customers,” said Jouk Pleiter, CEO of Backbase. “Backbase Expert Services worked closely with PostFinance’s team of specialists to guarantee that the implementation would be carried out smoothly and it was. I’m very proud of the whole team, and that we were able to transform PostFinances vision into a reality.”

To see PostFinance’s new e-finance environment in action, visit their website at: and the launch video at for more info on Backbaes Enage, the omni-channel digital banking solution, visit:

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