Press Release, 21 February 2017

Switzerland's Valiant Bank partners with Backbase to launch its new customer engagement platform

  • Jenny Maat
  • February 21, 2017

Valiant Bank employs over 900 employees and has a client base of around 380,000 customers and operates across 85 branches in Switzerland.

Valiant Bank has selected Backbase, the omni-channel digital banking market leader, to deliver its new customer engagement platform. Valiant Bank is an independent bank for retail clients and SMEs in Switzerland serving around 380,000 customers across 85 branches and digital channels.

After a competitive tendering process, Backbase was selected to help Valiant implement the next-generation customer experience platform catering to the modern bank user. Valiant Bank had the need to increase manageability across its different channels. Implementing the omni-channel banking platform from Backbase provided access to a unified platform that proved to increase agility, flexibility, better management and control across all channels.

With this new customer engagement platform, Valiant Bank has set itself the goal of expanding customer interaction via its online channels and enhance the banking experience for all customer segments as well as other stakeholders. The first step in the digital transformation journey was the public customer website, which was launched in mid-January 2017.

Valiant Bank is increasingly well-known in Switzerland for its digital transformation by taking the banking experience to the next level. It was the first bank in Switzerland to open a new type of branch that combines personal advice and digital services. It was also the first to offer full online account opening and credit card applications.

The banking sector in Switzerland continues to innovate and bring forward the next generations of user-experience in banking. Valiant Bank has selected a partner such as Backbase to ensure delivering the required high standards of innovation.

Matthias Häfner, Head of Digital Banking at Valiant comments, ”As customers now expect better services and a greater user experience, leaders in digital banking innovation, such as Backbase, are coming to the forefront in helping banks like us to increase their agility and build a solid foundation for the future of banking.” He further adds, “Backbase was selected as a strategic partner due to its expertise in providing a single omni-channel platform, which will enable us to streamline customer journeys across devices and channels”.

“Valiant Bank has truly positioned itself as game-changer in the banking sector in Switzerland by embracing digital transformation and innovation. They are setting a high standard for the banking industry by pioneering in innovative user-experience. I am sure they will continue to influence the Swiss banking landscape.”Jouk Pleiter, CEO and Co-Founder of Backbase.

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