Full control over your omni-channel digital banking experience

All the tools to create and manage the very best digital banking experience. From a powerful Experience Manager for your business teams to robust SDKs, services, and infrastructure to create custom applications.


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Business in control:
Experience Manager

Backbase offers unique business logic to empower digital business professionals to optimize the omni-channel customer experience. Backbase Experience Manager gives the digital marketing professionals at the FI a visual (what-you-see-is-what-you-get) editor to fully control the digital experience of their end-users. From editing content to adding widgets on a page, to updating the mobile app, to running digital marketing campaigns across multiple channels.

Managing content, apps, and marketing/sales campaigns in Experience Manager is as easy as using creating a slide deck; layouts and navigation can be changed at will. It’s also possible to combine content, apps, and functional widgets into engaging new experiences. All of the editing happens ‘in context’, so there is no need to go live without seeing the finished product. The drag & drop and in-context editing functions put marketing and content teams in control without the need for full-time IT support, empowering business teams and shortening time to market. Content editors and digital marketers will be able to react to market changes in the moment and capitalize on unexpected marketing opportunities that build engagement and strengthen relationships through their timely relevance.

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Experience Management

Visual Editor

  • Easy-to-use in-context-editing capabilities to update content and apps across marketing sites, secure internet banking and mobile apps.
  • Customizable workflows for verification and publication rules.
  • Reuse content and content assets across all digital touchpoints.
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Experience Management

Targeting & Analytics

  • Target content, widgets, and apps based on existing customer segments and customized targeting rules that use behavioral, contextual, social, and CRM derived data.
  • Use information gathered via the PFM module (including 3rd party accounts and products) for cross- and up-sell and gain extra digital sales opportunitites.
  • Analytics spanning all channels, including regular web, mobile apps, and tracking every action, from page views to events.
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Experience Management

Origination & Self Service

  • Facilitate smooth, cross-channel, onboarding on any device.
  • Enable customer self-service and self-management.
  • Empower business teams to create, edit, manage, and optimize forms and the business logic behind them.
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Experience Management

Mobile Management

  • Gain full control over the customer journey on mobile from updating responsive websites, to pushing new content and campaigns to native apps.
  • Instant preview of mobile customer experiences before publishing.
  • Advanced mobile and cross-device analytics. Track a single user as they navigate between devices and channels.

IT in control: SDKs, Customer Experience Services & Infrastructure

Backbase enables IT professionals to fully extend the platform. This though our SDKs optimized for responsive web, native mobile, through our Customer Experience Services layer, and with our infrastructure components.


Backbase Customer Experience Services

Customer Experience Services provides the essentials to deliver a superior omni-channel digital experience. From robust security, straight to integration, to a scalable content repository and advanced personalization capabilities.

Security Services

Providing Bank-grade Security

Backbase integrate seamlessly with your existing security infrastructure, including identity management (IDM) and single sign-on (SSO) systems among others. Security Services is designed from the ground up with a dedication to providing total security. It comes with enterprise ready security connectors that support chaining authentication systems as well as the creation of proprietary authentication systems.

Integration Services

Connect to any Back-End System

One of the key strengths of Backbase is its robust Integration Services, which can pull data, content and functionality from any source and combine them into seamless customer dialogs. The Integration Services help businesses leverage and reuse existing back-end systems and transform legacy assets into a modern, cross-device customer experiences.

Content Services

A Single
Content Hub

All your content is housed in a single location, the Backbase Content Services, to ensure content is consistent across channels, and you’re not wasting time duplicating content across different systems. Content can be created or imported via the Experience Manager or can be aggregated from 3rd party sources, such as your existing CMS.

Personalization Services


Give your customers the experience they deserve through personalized, relevant content and functionality catered to their need, in real time. provide a personalized, unique experience for users in real-time across multiple channel touchpoints.

Presentation Services

Omni-Channel Dialog Orchestration

Backbase’s Presentation Services makes sure your customer dialogs are rendered on any device, from web browsers to native mobile applications. All dialogs are integrated into one seamless flow so you can pick up a customer interaction right where it left off, no matter which channel or device your customer switches to next.

Mobile taking center stage: Mobile SDK and MBaaS

Powerful Mobile SDK and MBaaS platform to create state-of-the-art mobile applications. Backbase is your one-stop shop for building, running and managing apps across all your digital channels. This also includes mobile web, hybrid apps and native apps.

Backbase Mobile SDK

The Backbase Mobile SDK enables the creation of hybrid or fully native mobile apps for iOS and Android, as well is supporting the upcoming trend of wearables (Apple and Android watches) and voice controlled experiences (Echo, Siri). The  Mobile SDKs come with clearly defined APIs and extension points and work seamlessly together with all the platforms back-end services.

Mobile Backend-as-a-service (MBaaS)

The Mobile SDK is tightly integrated with the Backbase server-side architecture that acts as an omni-channel Mobile Backend-as-a-Service (MBaaS). Leverage microservices for consistent, secure integrations of apps to your backend systems for data, authentication and business logic — at scale.

We have created the world’s leading lean digital banking platform. It has been designed to help you organize, create, and manage deeply relevant customer experiences across all channels, on any device, to delight your customers and deliver measurable business results. We believe that customer experience management is essential for organizations to stand out from the crowd, stay relevant to their customers, and grow their business.

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