Backbase Cloud
Powerful. Flexible. Open.

Run Backbase on-premise, on a private or public cloud or as-a-service. You are in control and select the deployment model that works for your organization and scalability needs.

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Leverage Backbase

Cloud Technology

The Backbase Cloud is supported by an ecosystem of technology and infrastructure providers that give you the benefit of service provision across many countries with a single partner and complete consistency in service delivery and operations. Certified local cloud partners cover particular jurisdictions where data security laws or regulations require systems to be managed in-country. All certified partners have proven track records in financial services. Contact Backbase to learn more.

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Backbase supports Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF) for deploying and operating cloud native banking applications.

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Illu Pivotal Cloud Foundry - Cloud Deployment

More Speed

Deploy new code thousands of times per month. An idea in the morning ends in production that afternoon. Pivotal Cloud Foundry enables this rapid time-to-value for your custom code. How? By managing everything else for you!

Scale Fast

Reliably run all your applications at cloud scale. Empower high-velocity dev teams to bring new capabilities to market fast. Deliver enterprise SLAs with a highly automated platform that scales with your business.

Secure By Default

Improve your security with built-in capabilities. Pivotal Cloud Foundry takes a modern, highly automated approach to security. That makes it easier for you to keep pace with a tidal wave of industry regulations and compliance standards.

IBM bluemix logo - Cloud Deployment

Backbase supports IBM Bluemix to help you build exciting new cloud-native applications, or cloud-enable your existing applications.

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Go Agile

IBM Bluemix enables financial institutions of all sizes to operate like nimble startups by rapidly develop, test and deploy their apps in minutes, allowing your bank to keep up with disruptive, fast-moving competitors at a lower cost. Go agile and scale on a powerful, high performance global cloud infrastructure.

Hybrid Cloud Models

IBM Bluemix offers a full set of hybrid cloud models across local, public and shared options so that you can integrate your existing IT with greater ease and openness. Private networks plus more than 45 data centers around the world help address most regional regulatory mandates and ease security concerns.

Cognitive Banking

Leverage the IBM Bluemix analytics to give better insight into your customers behavior and actions in real time. Or use IBM Watson AI technology to interpret massive volumes of financial data to learn from your customer's behaviors, allowing you to make real-time decisions to improve their experience and increase loyalty.

Multi-Cloud Deployment

Next to Pivotal Cloud Foundry and IBM Bluemix, we give you the freedom of choice to run Backbase in the following Cloud platforms:

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