Transform from Bank to Digital-First Enterprise

So you’ve consistently added smart digital experiences to the core offering. You know its crucial to focus in on what customers want, and you are determined to catch up on what the new competition can deliver. Each of those aspirations is a worthy one – it’s all good stuff. Are you aware however of the incredible pace of change out there? Competitors like Google and Amazon have stealthily established themselves in the market. Customers, used to the convenience offered by platforms like Uber, are not looking back. Waiting times, visits to the bank and paper-based processes – digital has encroached on all of it.

The world of banking and finance is moving faster than anyone might have anticipated. Despite the good work done so far, it’s crucial to ramp things up. Gradual won’t work, you need to leap into digital. The importance of making the leap cannot be overstated, in fact over 800 people convened to discuss the topic at this year’s Backbase Connect.

Getting in shape – Digitally

Key to meeting the future head-on is to get your organization in shape. A new framework is needed, one designed around modular platforms, micro-services and cloud deployment. It’s time to think and act differently, living digital, going agile and becoming obsessed with the customer. This is the new modus operandi and in most cases, it will demand a massive culture change. Ripples will run throughout the organization as the forces of change alter everyone’s reality. The end result however, will be so worth it.

Leaving the comfort zone

It’s not easy to move that far out of the comfort zone, but Backbase is ready with a helping hand in the form of the Digital-First Banking Innovation Webinar. In this comprehensive webinar, Jouk Pleiter and Tim Rutten provide a real understanding of the tools and strategic approaches needed to become truly digital-first. You will learn what future proofing your bank really means, how to drive progress and how to manage your transformation so it moves quickly but does not engulf the organization.

Your digital future is closer than you think, so move off the precipice and make that leap into digital. Register for the Backbase Digital-First Webinar today.

Time: 5pm CET/ 11am EST (click here to see time in your timezone)

Date: November 28th, 2018