Backbase and its entrepreneurial spirit

I’m going to add my tuppence worth to the many plaudits surrounding our CEO, Jouk Pleiter. It’s true, he won an award recently at the Loey Awards, created by the Loey Foundation. The award was for Online Entrepreneur of the Year.

While this is great recognition of Jouk’s achievements as the top dog at Backbase, he would be the first to acknowledge the many people who make Backbase tick. You can hear it in his media quotes, presentations, press releases and regular town hall meetings: Backbase is about the people within it, and while it’s important to be a successful business, it’s more important to share in the human successes along the way.

That’s why I think Jouk’s recent award shines brighter than the many awards Backbase garners for its work in digital transformation – because it’s a human award. It’s an award to celebrate someone’s dedication to their craft: their ingenuity, their stubbornness to fold in the face of adversity, and their persistence and pragmatism to always keep pushing ahead.

We break lots of new ground here at Backbase, and we enjoy a multicultural environment the likes of which I haven’t seen elsewhere. This means we are the product of a great many entrepreneurial spirits, who each have something special and unique to bring to the business. Jouk Pleiter exemplifies this because he nurtures it, and respects each individual’s contribution. This is why he deserves an award for entrepreneurship: because he trusts in the people around him to look after the business he created.

Over the many years that I’ve produced podcasts and conducted interviews, I’ve met so many entrepreneurs that I’ve actually lost count. Of those that I consider most successful, you can see a pattern emerge that revolves around people. The most successful entrepreneurs are those who value people, and in return, those people will move mountains for you.

Photo by GaudiLab,