The digital transformation journey of Touch Bank and CheBanca!

Yesterday we hosted our latest webinar, ‘The Journey to Digital Transformation: The Real Life Examples of Touch Bank and CheBanca!’ and we are very happy we registered a new record high of attendees.

An over an hour interactive session, our webinar featured Andrei Kozliar, the CEO of new, digital- and mobile-only bank in Russia –  Touch Bank and Antonio Fratta Pasini, Head of CRM and Omni-channel for CheBanca!, recognized as the Best Digital Bank in Italy for customer satisfaction.

Touch Bank and CheBanca! are both examples of financials always at the forefront of innovation, therefore we wanted to find out and share their secret to success:

  • What is needed to start the digitization process today,
  • Their real life story of digital transformation: the challenges they have faced and the major lessons other banks can learn from,
  • What are the key elements to enable digital innovation.

Furthermore, Andrei Kozliar makes the clear distinction between digital and real-time and Talks about the other elements that contribute to innovation, and it’s not just technology.

Antonio explains the journey of Chebanca! from the first line of code in July 2015, how they have set innovation at the core of their business and how are they constantly reshaping for the future.

If missed the webinar or you would like to know more, we have made the slides and recording available online, via our SlideShare and YouTube channels.