Yesterday we hosted our first webinar in 2016, ‘The Uberization of Banking’ and we are very happy we reached a record high attendance.

Our guest speaker was Simon Mathews, the Chief Strategy Officer at Extractable. Regularly sought after to speak on innovation and experience topics, Simon leads the strategy and digital experience design teams at a leading digital experience design firm based in San Francisco.

In this webinar, Simon talks about what banks and financial institutions can learn from Uber and its fellow disrupters in delivering better digital experiences to their customers.

The top three takeaways of the webinar are:

  • Innovation can emerge at any layer of banking and the more layers you can deliver on, the better it is in terms of the impact you have on your customers.
  • Mobile is at the center of our lives today, but the new devices are following quickly. Basically, its not about the devices you communicate with your customer on, it is about the overall seamless experience.
  • Delivering a great digital user experience is essential success for the banking industry, also acting as the defense mechanism from the disrupters.

We realize that not everyone was able to attend the webinar, so we have made the slides and recording available online. You can find the slides and recording on our SlideShare and YouTube channels: