Webinar: Building a Smarter Bank, with Ron Shevlin

Yesterday we hosted our webinar ‘Building a Smarter Bank’ together with Ron Shevlin. In this webinar, Ron Shevlin, author of Smarter Bank, Snarketing Blogger & analyst at Cornerstone Advisors (before he worked at Aite Group and Forrester), provides a no-nonsense framework to address broad issues impacting banking’s rapidly changing business model. The webinar addresses topics such as innovation, big data, customer engagement, mobile payments, personal financial management, and the changing financial behaviors of consumers, in particular, the Millennials.

With technological developments and upstarts threatening to disrupt and displace established financial institutions, what should banks and credit unions do to defend their positions, and to grow and thrive in the new world of banking?

In short, it’s about how to become a ‘smarter’ bank – smarter about developing customer trust and relationships, smarter about understanding consumers’ needs and wants, smarter about using technology, smarter about marketing products and services, and smarter about making money.

We realize that not everyone was able to attend the webinar, so we have made the slides and recording available online. You can find the slides and recording on our Slideshare and YouTube channels: